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Shirley M bass Shirley M. Bass
California Licensed
Marriage, Family and Child Counselor
Family Mediator
Florida Supreme Court Certified and County Court Mediator
What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching covers any or all aspects of your life -- Family, Career, Self, Relationships, Space, Environment, Time Management, Special Interests, Hobbies. 

It's up to you.  Some people come to Coaching to fine-tune certain  aspects of their life or for self development.

Other people are attracted to Life Coaching by a general dissatisfaction or a sense that something could be better.  Take our Life Satisfaction Quiz to see what areas Life Coaching might help you with. 

What can I expect in a Coaching Call?

You can expect our Coaching Calls to be friendly and relaxed but focused and amazingly powerful on many levels. But this is NOT talk-therapy.  It's about making plans, AND carrying them out each and every week. 

Partnership Coaching is based on a monthly retainer.  You and the Coach agree that you will ACTIVELY WORK on your goals each day.  Coaching calls take place through regular, pre-arranged weekly telephone sessions. In between calls, we keep in touch via email.

It's really very simple......


Ok, now I understand how Life Coaching can help, but why not just rely on my friends?

Friends ARE a good source of encouragement. The people who love and support you in your life don't mean to hold you back, but you also have a history with them and that history can be a stumbling block.  Also, your friends may be afraid to tell you the truth because they're not willing to risk losing the relationship.   

With Partnership Coaching, there is no agenda from my side. I'm truly impartial! 

Partnership Life Coaching puts the complete and total focus on YOU, your life, your problems and success, on what you want, and on what will help you achieve it.

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