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Shirley M bass Shirley M. Bass
California Licensed
Marriage, Family and Child Counselor
Family Mediator
Florida Supreme Court Certified and County Court Mediator

I was stuck in an engineering job that stressed me out 12 hours a day.  I wanted to pursue my passion for  music but was too scared to break from the past.  Shirley encouraged me to take a step-by-step approach and now I'm a full time jazz pianist playing an average of 4 times a week !  Thanks - it's unbelievable ! Jerry Weiss - Denver, Colorado
Jazz Bands in Denver Colorado
Ellen (Elenita) Nagore - Cuernavaca, Mexico
Spanish English Translations Services
I lost my job, I couldnīt pay my mortgage, my options looked bleak, my friends got married and we stopped going out. I was alone and didnīt know what to do. Little by little, I began to realize that there was something better waiting for me. I sold my house, moved to Mexico and now I speak two languages, work as a freelance translator and as a bilingual assistant at a Spanish immersion school for foreigners . . . and I found the love of my life! Thanks for the support Shirley!

Dear Judge Colbath:

I am writing to you about the new Parenting Conference Program.

I had no idea what to expect from a Parenting Conference, even though I knew its purpose from my involvement with the Family Law Practice Committee. I was not just pleasantly surprised , I was thrilled.

I am representing a woman in a non-marital paternity situation who apparently was badly abused by the child's Father and is very fearful of him. The mother and child had no idea of how to continue.

The Father began a pro-se action concerning summer visitation. The Mother retained me, in large part for moral support, and Ms. Bass was referred to us for direction.

Ms. Bass was fantastic in her Life Coaching approach, and had a perfect combination of mediation and therapeutic skills, not only to resolve the issue at hand, but to address some of the other chronic problems in their interaction.

I have social work background, I have an MSW and was a member of the Acalary of Certified Social Workers (ACSW) with special training in family therapy. I could therefore fully appreciate her skills, which deserve special recognition.

Margaret A. Broz, Esquire MAB/aa

London, England
Dear Shirley,
Thank you for coming out to see us on such short notice, and  thanks for your help with my daughter.  We decided to all go back to London as my daughter explained that she had some issues with the school, as you predicted. we will check out your idea and I  thank you for your follow up and wise advice and kindness

Very Best wishes
Shirley Bass was my therapist and counselor during the 1990's and early 2000's.  I found her to be extremely helpful as I struggled with challenges such as raising a difficult teen aged daughter, the approaching death of a close friend from Hodgkin's lymphoma, a difficult situation at work and my bout with uterine cancer.  I found her to be very supportive, understanding, caring and realistic as I faced problems that had been plaguing me for a number of years.  She helped me to see that I had the power to make positive changes in my life and I will be forever grateful to her for this gift.
Mary Lou Gold
Westlake Village, CA
March 21, 2008
Robert C. Swanson
I want thank you from all of my family.  Twenty-two years ago, when we started a journey, who would ever think that all of the principles you taught me, would serve me throughout my life, and that I would still use them today. Even tho we are far apart in distance now, and with all the unwarranted information going through my head each day, I can still hear your words loud and clear.  I really want you to know how great you are as a personal growth trainer, and as a therapist, and no less a guide to me in my every waking hours.  You made a difference to me in all the domains of my life.  I am a Grandpa now and both my girls are with child.  I have been so blessed to have had you come into my life when you did.   You made a difference for me and my wife, not to mention the trickle down effect to my children.  They did not have to suffer from the untrue thoughts that were in my head.  Thank you and love you in the purest way.  Bobby  
I found Shirley when I was at a very difficult point in my life.
Coming from a very abusive childhood background my feelings of self worth were almost diminished. I always felt I did not deserve to be loved unconditionally and accepted what little I was given. I came to Shirley initially because me and my boyfriend came to the end of our relationship. I started therapy for my issues first and later we did group meetings. That is when I was faced with the truth I didn't want to see. My boyfriend was, after all not that good of a guy. Shirley opened my eyes and made me see, that I m worth so much more and that I deserved better. I learned to love myself again and to find the good person inside of me. I made some life altering decisions and moved on. I will keep in close contact with this wonderful and life saving women, that probably kept me from making big mistakes in my future. I m so happy I found her and believe it was meant to be. Thank you, Shirley. What a wonderful, kind and nurturing person you are. I wish I had a mother like you.
Jennifer Eady, 38, LMT
Massage Therapist
West Palm Beach, Fl
Charleston SC

Bachelor of Arts,Paterson State University
Magna Cum Laude

Paterson State College
another fake certificate
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology
International College
35th Judicial Circuit
Mediation and Domestic Violence Certificate
FLA Dispute Cert.
Evil-Doer Coping Counselor Certification (1 of 3)
Breckenridge Turkey-Day Institute
see no evil

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