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Can a Life Coach Help Me?

Feeling stuck · Not being able to make decisions · Family problems · Sadness · Money problems  · Need to talk

These, and others, are troubling life experiences. Just talking with someone who has a sympathetic ear and years of talking to others just like you, will help. I have over 25 years as a family therapist, and can help you cope. Below are some examples of the problems you might be facing.

I feel stuck.

Sometimes it feels as if life were passing me by. I am in a job I don't like, but there are fewer and fewer options in the workplace. My marriage seems to be losing the intimacy it had in the beginning. What can I do?

I canīt decide.

I have a lot of options but I donīt know what to do. I keep changing my mind and I donīt last at anything for very long. How can I get focused?

Family problems.

Someone in my family is always having a crisis and coming to me to help solve it. I love my family but I feel like I need to focus on my own life more. Iīm tired but how can I say no?

I feel sad/depressed.

There are times I can't seem to get up in the morning, and everything seems out of focus. When will I stop feeling this way?

Money problems

My debts keep piling up and I donīt think thereīs anyway to get out from under them. My partner and I fight all the time because of the stress. Is there anything I can do?

I need to talk to someone.

Who can I talk to? I donīt want to bother my friends or family with my problems. Iīm not sure anyone would understand or know how to help me.  Some things are personal and Iīm afraid how others might react.

These and other problems CAN be overcome. As your life coach, I will help you decide what to do, plan a course of action, and help you follow that course so that you fulfill your goals.
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