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Shirley M. Bass
California Licensed
Marriage, Family and Child Counselor & Therapist
Family Mediator
Florida Supreme Court Certified and County Court Mediator

After many years as a family therapist I know first hand that people CAN change.  But not everyone needs talk therapy.

Many people find help through LIFE COACHING.

If you want to be happier, improve your relationships,  be more confident, handle money problems, figure out life goals and how to get there .. .  whatever your situation, life coaching can help.

As your life coach, I am your PARTNER.  I help you identify the steps needed to improve your life and help you stay on track so you fulfill your goals.

Available for clients in Wellington Florida, West Palm Beach Florida, Royal Palm Beach Florida,
Lake Worth Florida, Palm Beach County Florida, Southern Florida,
as well as via phone, videophone, email and IM !

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